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Looking Toward the Challenges of Tomorrow

Lockheed Martin is proud to bring decades of relevant experience and the innovating minds of our people to help solve the challenges of tomorrow, today through game-changing innovation and breakthrough performance in energy and climate, healthcare, advanced materials, and nanotechnology solutions.

The story of aviation has always been the story of people who have the courage to fail, to try again and to one day succeed. Since Lockheed Martin’s inception and continuing today, the passion to advance aeronautical design and help our customers achieve mission success has been ingrained in our culture.

  Data analytics, the ability to capture, manage and analyze such large and complex data sets, could allow for improved decision-making and business practices as well as tailored products and services in many different industries and fields.

  Imagine a world where unique phenomena at the molecular scale can lead to entirely new, innovative, and transformative product designs—all done by harnessing properties of materials at the nanoscale level. 

In the field of robotics, opportunity is endless and discovery is ongoing. Our robotic innovations could represent the answer to any number of challenges – from disaster response to deep space exploration.

  Through the ages, the spirit of exploration and discovery has propelled humanity forward in an unrelenting quest for knowledge and progress. That spirit is at the heart of Lockheed Martin’s legacy. 

Our engineers and manufacturing professionals are learning and applying new skills in digital technology. Additive manufacturing is leading to the creation of affordable parts that are more capable and durable than ever. Next-generation electronics are reducing the size, weight, power and cost of our products and systems. And advanced materials are being used in novel ways never thought possible.